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About me.

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Automotive Storyteller

From Discovery to Drive: The Journey of a Car

My work is a fusion of passion for luxury classic cars and the art of storytelling through visual and creative media. I dedicate myself to documenting every stage of the restoration of these four-wheeled jewels, capturing their rebirth in high-definition images and videos.

The Discovery

It all begins with the discovery of classic cars, often marked by time and use. Documenting their original state is essential to tell the story of their transformation.

The Restoration

I follow the restoration process step by step, capturing every detail: from the meticulous bodywork to the engine reconstruction. Each phase of the work is a masterpiece in itself and deserves to be seen and appreciated.

The Return to Life

Once the restoration is complete, the classic cars shine in their original glory. Through photos and videos, I tell the story of their return to life, often culminating in prestigious events and competitions.

My mission

Celebrate the elegance and craftsmanship of luxury classic car restorations, sharing with the world the inherent beauty of these historic vehicles. Every shot and every video clip is designed to highlight the art of restoration and the passion that drives this field.

Car Enthusiasts

Delivering professional works for motorsport and luxury segments.